As I am now retired from the music business I can now enjoy music as a hobby which is what I always really wanted. This site is a subdomain of StallwoodMusic.co.uk where most of my compositions and biographical details are stored. I am using this place to add other bits and generally experiment with wordpress.

The header image includes my hand-made ‘Freshman’ guitar which I have become very attached to, and although I no longer have a grand piano I still dream…

      Bon Voyage

‘Divertimento No.1’ (originally written for keyboard and called ‘Sequence Dance’

Someone recently suggested I write a Symphony. I haven’t the patience to write a Symphony although I understand the form. My Symphony would not rank with any great composer so I feel it would amount to an enormous effort for little reward. I can write and record a couples of minutes of orchestral music in an hour or two and feel mentally exhausted and need a day off. Symphonies are for the 19th Century (When composers knew the trade) So I wrote ‘Attack Thoughts’

I wrote this (video below) on 10/11th November 2019. I was listening to some contempory piano music and although I appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of the pieces, I find many a little robotic and overly dissonant. Moreover it is not my gift to emulate modern piano styles, so here is my impressionistic offering which I, at least have affection for. I must stop the French thing before it becomes a paradigm.

I originally wrote this for piano and called it ‘From the Cradle’. I then decided to score it for orchestra and although it came out a bit mushy using the old garritan strings samples, I still decided to make this holiday video.

My wife and I are garden lovers (i.e. Eden) and we now only have a small yard-type back garden so we are praying for a home with a nice garden. So I made a video and wrote a string arrangement. I hope this will work…

This piece I called ‘My Fillum Music’

Just currently writing some video game tunes for ‘Zimmer in the Frame’ This is called The Kool-Berg Cometh.

This is one is for the character ‘Diabolos’.

This one is called ‘Troll Alert’

This one is the Over Chewer

This one is ‘No Curve’

This one is ‘Synagogue of Satan’

This one is ‘My Fillum Music’